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Lighthouse Career Exploration's approach of combining aptitude testing with personalized mentoring and training in career development skills is unique in the marketplace. Knowing your abilities is an important part of the College/University Admission Process and changing your career direction. We use the Highlands Ability Battery Assessment to help our clients discover their natural abilities. Using our psychological understanding of human learning and behavior, we give you the tools to help you discover your talents.


Julie Campbell

Founder and Consultant

Dear Parent(s):


As a parent myself, I understand some of the concerns you may have about your child’s professional future.  Please let me take this opportunity to introduce myself and share a little about my background. I was raised in Moncton N.B and graduated from Harrison Trimble High School. I earned my Bachelor of Education Degree from the University of New Brunswick, a Diploma of Advanced Undergraduate Studies from University of New Brunswick and a Masters of Education from Universite de Moncton.  I have specializations in French and in Guidance and Counselling.  I also have received my Principal’s Certification from the Department of Education.  I have been a School Counsellor at all 3 levels:   Elementary, Middle and High School, for the past 24 years.  I am professionally certified to administer and interpret the Highlands Ability Battery. 


I am a single parent of 3 wonderful children and a special fur baby.  My oldest son is a 3rd year student at Mount Allison University, my second son is a high school senior and my daughter is a middle school student.  They are providing an awesome lab of how people are hardwired from birth as the all have their strengths and weaknesses.  I feel blessed to live a full, active life in Moncton with my family and our golden doodle named Beau.


I was first exposed to the concept of aptitudes when I took my sons to Boston to get tested at the Johnson O’Connor Research Centre. My sons were so impacted by the knowledge they received, the summary of strengths as well as my areas of challenge, that I became fascinated by human design and began researching how aptitudes have a direct correlation to job satisfaction.  I began the search to become certified as an Aptitude Consultant as I wanted to provide young people with the knowledge that they have a unique combination of gifts, natural abilities, and personality characteristics to accomplish wonderful things!!


I began to realize that there was a great need for aptitude testing combined with mentoring in career development skills and career counselling to create an individualized “whole person” approach.  I found this specific combination could be achieved as a Highlands Abilities Consultant.  Consequently I began the process of becoming certified in the spring of 2016.


I am so glad you are considering this step of investing in your child’s future! I can relate to how you may be feeling. You want your child, who is not really a child any more, to be successful, happy, independent, and motivated in school and at work. You want a future for them where they are able to support themselves, live responsibly, and find a career path that is rewarding.  I can help! I am passionate about setting people up for success through discovery of their specialized abilities, assisting them in finding where their aptitudes, personality, values, interests, work motivators, and skills intersect, so they are equipped to make informed decisions and choose the career paths and university majors that are the best fit for them.


There is a world of difference between just thinking you are good at something, or hearing your parents tell you that you are good at something, and seeing on paper that you have specialized strengths. Along with the assessment process, I teach the universal career skills everyone needs to move forward with confidence into a successful future.


I look forward to visiting with you soon to see how I can partner with you to set your child up for success and equip your son or daughter to move forward with confidence.  Lastly, many students come to their first meeting just to be cooperative, so please do worry if you get resistance to participating in this process. I see this all the time, but these same students ironically leave with smiles on their faces.




Julie Campbell, B Ed, D.A.U.S, M Ed, HCC

Aptitude Consultant

Lighthouse Career Exploration 

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