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What is The Highlands Ability Battery?


The Highlands Ability Battery is the gold standard among assessment tools measuring abilities. Developed from the pioneering clinical studies of Johnson O’Connor, it is a three-hour objective inquiry into the abilities and ability patterns of the individual who completes it.  An ability is something that is natural and enduring, unlike a skill, which you can acquire and lose if you do not use it. The Highlands Ability Battery is comprised of 19 different work samples. These timed work samples reveal how you instinctively learn, communicate, lead, make decisions and solve problems, work with objects and use your mental and creative talents.   They also bring to light talents and strengths which may have been unrecognized in school or work


The use of work samples rather than self-report inventories differentiates The Highlands Ability Battery from other assessment tests as an objective assessment tool. The scores achieved by each individual reveal patterns or “clusters” of natural abilities which require analysis by a skilled interpreter.

After you complete the Battery, you will have a feedback session in which Betty or Julie will go over a 50+ page report describing your results. The individualized report describes each work sample and what it measures. Betty or Julie will discuss your abilities as they relate to your career and the work roles for which your ability profile ideally suits you.

This process is the foundation for developing a long-term career strategy.

What can I expect from The Highlands Ability?


People are happiest and perform best when their natural abilities are employed to the fullest. We help individuals to identify their unique patterns of abilities, enabling them to approach learning, communication and problem solving more effectively. Armed with this knowledge, people are able to avoid stress and achieve greater satisfaction in their work.  Everyone can benefit from the Highlands Ability Battery. Whether you are a student seeking guidance for your studies, an adult who wants to enhance your career, or an executive who wants to relieve work stress or change your career direction, the Highlands Ability Battery is the place to start.


How can I apply The Highlands Ability Battery to my career and life choices?


Research has shown that having a vision is the single most predictive variable for success. There are 8 critical factors that impact a person’s satisfaction in their life and career. Through individual coaching or small group seminars, each of these critical factors is explored in depth, allowing you to develop an integrated personal vision.  Highlands Whole Person Model helps you understand how to put this information to use in your life.


What do you get when I take the Highlands Ability Battery?

HAB Reports – Two computer reports to understand your strengths and to give you specific career areas around your abilities.   Click here to see a sample of the Confidential Student Report.

HAB Feedback – a two hour diagnostic discussion which interprets your scores and explains your results including your abilities, career options and perfect work environment. The HAB results interpretation and feedback will be given by Julie Campbell or Betty Layden, who are qualified Highland Abilities Affiliates.



Exceptional People Deserve Exceptional Careers

The Highlands Ability Battery (HAB)

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