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Aptitude Identification Package


  • One telephone conversation to gather information to help customize our approach and the assessments used for each individual.


  • Highlands Ability Battery (to be completed on-line)


  • Two hour Debrief/Interpretation meeting (Under the age of 25 at least one parent must be present)

        35 Page Personalized Report from Highlands (Specialized Ability Profile, Individual Abilities and How Individual Abilities related to Work Environment,   

        Learning, Communication and Problem Solving/Decision Making)

        32 page Career Exploration Supplement

        Training on how to research career options using recommended online sources and informational interviews.


  • One 1 hour one-on-one focused follow up meeting, so we can review your results.(Must be within one year of the Debrief/Interpretation meeting    


Total Cost:  $650.00 Cdn.

         Your Investment is less than the cost of one undergraduate course and could positively change a person’s future!


Hourly Coaching

  • Moving forward, for more extensive questions, we meet with clients on an hourly basis for coaching, mentoring, interview preparation, and consulting on career-related topics, career development skills, and entrepreneurship coaching.

       Cost:  $85.00/hour

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