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Steps to Follow When Taking the HAB



Step One – Schedule Your First Meeting

The first step is to schedule your first appointment  (telephone conversation) through our online scheduling system or to contact us by telephone.  (Julie-506-855-4392 or Betty-506-854-2615)

Step Two, Make Payment

Payment is due no later than 48 hours prior to the first meeting.  Payment will be discussed during the first telephone conversation. 

Step Three-Client Information Form

Please complete the Client Information Form no later than 48 hours prior to your first telephone interview.

Step Four – Telephone Conversation

A conversation to gather information to help customize our approach and the assessments used for each individual will take place.  This usually takes approximately 15 minutes.  After our first telephone conversation email instructions for taking the online Highlands Ability Battery will be sent.  The Highlands Ability Battery contains 19 work samples that take a total of approximately 3 hours to complete.   The battery goes very quickly because it is composed of a series of short games and challenges. It can easily be broken up into short segments over the course of several days, if preferred. Please note: the HAB must be completed at least 7 days prior to our meeting, the debrief/interpretation conference. At this time you must schedule your Debrief/Interpretation Conference. 

Step Five – Meeting (Debrief/Interpretation Conference)    

Our meeting is the Debrief/Interpretation conference.  We request that at least one parent be present for all clients 25 years of age and younger. We will go over all the results and tie together all the information.  This meeting also includes training on how to research career options using recommended online sources.   After the meeting, I ask for your feedback, so I can continue to refine my process.

Step Six – Research and Processing Results  

My clients typically leave the feedback conference with three to six great-fit career path options that they are excited to investigate further. An essential step in the process is researching these paths on-line and through informational interviews and job shadowing to determine which option is their next step.  We are always available to help by email and phone.

Step Seven– Follow Up

This package includes one 1 hour one-on-one focused follow up meeting, so we can review your results, talk about what you discovered through your research, and work on your action plan.   

Step Eight – Hourly Coaching

Moving forward, for more extensive questions, I meet with clients on an hourly basis for coaching, mentoring, interview preparation, and consulting on career-related topics, career development skills, and entrepreneurship coaching.


We are happy to answer any questions you might have. Please give Julie a call at 506-855-4392 or by e-mail You may reach Betty at 506-850-7605 or by email at

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