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1) To help you answer the question… What do you want to be when you grow up?


We'll help you answer what to do after high school, what to choose as a college major, and which career path is best for you. Too many high school students do not know where to begin in making decisions about college majors and careers.  Our approach allows students to get in touch with their unique abilities, interests, personalities, and values to pick a career plan that best fits their individual needs.  The transition from high school to college/university is filled with challenge, opportunity and decision making. Picking the right college/university is an important choice—and in many cases the most important choice ever made. Each of us is born with talents that make us remarkable at something. The secret is to identify these talents or natural abilities through reliable assessment, and learn how to use them. Unlike skills, abilities are not influenced by education or experience.  Natural abilities are hardwired within us at the age of fourteen and remain with us throughout adulthood. Why wouldn't you spend your life using your talents? 

2)  To help you save money.

As the cost of university education continues to rise (Compulsory Fees have tripled from 1990-2017:  $1464.00 in 1990 to $7437.00 in 2017), it just makes financial sense to base the decision about which career path or college major to pursue on solid, objective information. University students often engage in “major shopping” to decide on a major and career choice.  Many times a process of elimination is used in an attempt to settle on the right major.  Many students earn a bachelor’s degree in the time it would have taken them to earn both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree because they do no not use a proven process in career planning and decision-making.   Making the right decisions before taking the next step after high school can save you much time, effort, money, and heartache! In just a few hours, we can help you avoid years of trial and error during your college years.  There’s no need to change your college major multiple times or choose a career that you are not going to find challenging and fulfilling.  There are considerable financial implications of making educational and career choices that prove less than desirable in the long-run. We want to help you get the biggest return out of the financial investments you are making.  Next Steps Consulting provides that solid, objective information and valuable, money-saving direction through our “whole person” consulting approach.

For less than 2% of the cost of University tuition and 1% of total cost of University Expenses, we can offer a direction toward career fulfillment that can last your entire lifetime!

3) To help our clients navigate in the right direction.

 Knowing which direction to head greatly improves the chances of reaching your desired destination. Next Steps Consulting empowers clients with critical, objective information about their strengths, interests, and aptitudes gathered by using industry-proven assessment tools. This information helps clients know with a high degree of certainty what types of advanced education or career choices they are most likely to enjoy—and therefore find the greatest success.  


 4)  To assist university graduates to young adults re-evaluate their career path.


Many young adults graduate from university and start their career only to find that the choices they made are not the right fit.  They realize after entering the work world that they are in careers and jobs that do not match their personalities or abilities.  Many of these new professionals made their career plans rather haphazardly rather than using a sound process to make good decisions based on who they are. 

5)   To work collaboratively with our clients by taking a personalized approach.


Interactive discussion is a key component of the Lighthouse Career Exploration assessment process. We want to get to know you as an individual and use the aptitude assessments within the context of who you are as a whole person to provide you with individualized information and direction.


6) To equip our clients with critical career development skills in addition to providing Certified     

    Aptitude Testing.

Lighthouse Career Explorations Consultant's approach of combining aptitude testing with personalized mentoring and training in career development skills is unique in the marketplace. Knowing your abilities is an important part of the College Admission Process. We use the Highlands Ability Battery Assessment to help our students discover their natural abilities. Using our psychological understanding of human learning and behavior, we give you the tools to help you discover your talents.


7) To help our clients save time.


 Lighthouse Career Exploration was born out of the desire to bring all the benefits and critical insights of aptitude testing to the Greater Moncton Area. We save families time and money as they no longer have to travel out of Canada to cities such as Boston or New York to receive this critical service. In addition, most of the assessments are completed online, so you have control over the time and place to complete them that fits best with your schedule and life.


8)  To help our clients enhance their ability to find the right work-in the right environment-so that

     work becomes a source of life-long fulfillment. 


Decisions about post high school education and career paths are among life’s greatest challenges. Getting it right is so important. The stakes are high.  We rely on our careers to meet many of our personal needs including income/security and identity. We help identify the types of careers that would match your own personal abilities.  A fulfilling career is one of the most important ways of achieving life satisfaction.


9)  To listen with deep interest to our clients’ aspirations, and help them see how their natural

     abilities can enhance the potential to reach their career goals and dreams.


As experienced educational consultants with over 66 years of combined experience, we are committed to helping you identify the most successful and fulfilling educational and career options. We will guide you step-by-step through this exciting yet sometimes overwhelming process. 

10)  To see what learning channels you have and how to benefit from your strengths and provide strategies to compensate for your weaknesses.

For students their 5 learning channels will be discussed as it relates to maximizing their academic performance.  Studying the pattern of abilities that are areas of strength for an individual reveals important clues as to the kinds of learning environments, academic subjects, and potential careers that are well-suited to build on those aptitudes.

An organized, personalized educational plan cannot be overemphasized. We assist families to make informed educational decisions whether entering high school, choosing the right college, deciding whether to transfer from one college to another, or embarking upon a graduate school or professional school process. 

Site Title

10 Reasons to have your Aptitudes Tested at Next Steps Consulting

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